How to Display Your Google Plus Author Profile Picture in Search Results

If you have been paying attention while you have been performing searches on Google recently, you will have noticed that some of the results have author pictures displayed below them.  So, if you are curious how you can get your Google Authorship picture to display next to your search results for your site, this tutorial is for you.

Google Authorship is essentially Google’s way of leveraging Google Plus to give weight to authors with either popular or high quality content.  For example, if you are following someone on Google plus and do a search for which they may have written an article, their article will likely appear higher in the search results for you than it naturally would on its own.

In addition, if you have built up your author profile over time, some say that it could have an impact on the amount of links you might need to rank your content.

How to Display Your Google Plus Author Picture

A couple of months ago, I didn’t have my blog connected to my Google Plus author profile.  But since have figured it out, and now I get to display my lovely mug shot next to my search results.  (Perhaps you’ve noticed?).  Check it out:

Step 1: Create a Google Plus Account

You need to have a Google Plus account in order to have your author profile to show up in search results.

Step 2: Link Your Content to Your Google+ Profile

You have 2 options to essentially tell Google that you are the author of your blog or other content.  As explained by Google, you can link using a verified email address or by linking your content using the ?rel=author parameter.  I chose the second option and linked my content using the ?rel=author parameter.

If you are using WordPress, its actually a fairly simple process to set this up.  I believe there are WordPress plugins that can assist in this, but its very easy to do and I did not use a plugin.

First, you need to add or edit your “author page” in WordPress.

  • In your WordPress dashboard go to Users and Your Profile.

  • Then edit your Biographical Information.  This is your author page in Wordpess.  You can see mine by clicking on my name at the top of this post.
  • You can input any text you want in your biographical information, but you MUST link to your Google+ profile using the ?rel=author parameter.  See my author box below and notice the Google+ URL format:

Step 3: Link to Your Content from Google+ Contributor Section.

The final step is that you need to list your blog or other places you are the author on your Google+ profile About page.  Go to your about page and then simply type in your blog or other site URL in the “Contributor to” section.  That’s it!  Your site is now linked to your Google+ profile page.

Overall, the process is fairly simple and only needs to take a few minutes.  However, by having your author picture appear with your search results can increase your click through rate and ensure that your loyal readers see more of your content when they search.

Have thoughts or comments?  I would love to hear them below!

via Niche Pursuits

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