Creepy Carnival Music by drewfisch09

For all the people that say oh can you do this and can you do that…I can do whatever I please. I make audio files all the times and loosely based off of this one. For the people that say that’s not creepy, think about yourself walking down a hallway or a carnival that is haunted and seeing just messed up shit everywhere and never knowing where a clown might come out and fuck with you…yeah gets scarier. To all the people that said hey this sounds like music off FF4..that’s because it is. It’s just when i heard it, it sounded like a demonic carnival to me. So listen and enjoy :). Actually on a side note…think about walking into an abandoned circus but everything is dark..then the carousal lights up and starts spinning for no reason and the whole park comes to life but you see no one. That’s creepy to me and why I uploaded this. drewfisch09

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