Making Money with Amazon

Up until yesterday I loved Amazon. Amazon was my favorite retailer because of their cheap prices and great customer service. However, the only way I knew of making money on Amazon was thru Amazon’s affiliate program. The affiliate program typically gives around 4-15% of sales, a much lower commission than products found on

Yesterday I attended a free webinar that completely changed my perspective on Amazon and frankly blew my mind. The notes I took during the webinar are listed below, I will have more posts about Amazon as I continue to experiment with these techniques.

Where product ranks based on:
1. purchases (sales)
2. reviews
3. likes (not facebook)
4. tags

Get people to buy it, review, and like

need lots of purchases and reviews
multiple accounts acting on your behalf
need it done as fast as possible
(velocity is important)

The Ultimate Promotion System

Step 1: Pick a product to sell
Step 2: Create amazon listing: for physical products for kindle books

Step 3: Low price = higher ranking, more purchases
after you are established you can increase price

Step 4: Activate multiple accounts
friends, family, facebook friends, customer list, outside traffic

Step 5: get multiple accounts to purchase, write a review, like and tag

Step 6: review top 5 related products & link back to your listing
make it a good (valuable) review

Step 7: link in kindle book to your product (write another book to promote other)
run kdp select for 1-2 days (free but get massive downloads

Step 8: promote these products: blog, website, facebook, twitter

Step 9: SEO Amazon listings, dominate google with low quality links riven to your
Amazon listing page, no google slap for Amazon

Opportunity to be portrayed as an expert
No customer service or fulfillment needed
You can send Amazon your product in advance and they will then fufill it for you

Your business operations:
1.) Call your supplier
2.) Send inventory to Amazon
3.) Get paid every 14 days

Kindle Sales Strategy:

1.) pick hot market (diet, fitness, fiction, romance, weight loss, cookbooks)
2.) write 3 short books (20-30 pages)
3.) link to each together (within the books) or on the listing
4.) launch on kindle
5.) run kdp for 1-2 days
6.) collect check

Kindle Market is wide open

Private label on Amazon
put your own label on someone else’s product just selling and promoting
search google “product” + private label

Drop Shipping on Amazon
same search method

Kindle Books
-10 short books (20-30 pages each)


1.) focus on small number of products/books
2.) Sell GOOD Products
3.) Only work with good suppliers
4.) Understand the Amazon Marketplace
5.) Don’t get overloaded with inventory of fulfillment headaches